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2017年3月23日 (木)

she's probably not good enough


"'Course I will, if you tells me to," said the child in trepidation.
"Well, I DO.  People will find that making her trouble is the surest way Space Researchof making themselves trouble."
"She's got some hold on 'im," concluded Jane, who, in listening to much gossip, had often heard this expression, and now made a practical application of the idea.
Watterly was greatly relieved when he saw Holcroft drive up with the fugitive. "I was just going out to your place," he said, "for the girl's mother insisted that you had enticed the child away," and the man laughed, as if the idea tickled him immensely.
Holcroft frowned, for he was in no mood for his friend's rough jests. "Go to your mother till I send for you," he said to Jane.
"The fact that you had taken two other females from the house gave some color to Mrs. Mumpson's views," pursued Watterly, who could take only the broadest hint as to his social conduct.
He received one now. "Tom Watterly," said the farmer sternly, "did I ever insult your wife?"
"By jocks!  No, you nor no other man.  I should say not."
"Well, then, don't you insult mine.  Before I'd seen Mrs. Holcroft, you told me she was out of the common run,--how much out, you little know,--and I don't want her mixed up with the common run, even in your thoughts."
"Well, now, I like that," said Watterly, giving Holcroft his hand. "You know I didn't mean any offense, Jim.  It was only one of my foolish jokes.  You were mighty slow to promise to love, honor, and obey, but hanged if you aint more on that line than any man in town.  I can see she's turning out well and keeping her agreement."
"Yes, that's just what she's doing," said the farmer gloomily. "She's a good, capable woman that'll sacrifice herself to her duty any day.  But it wasn't to talk about her I came.  She's a sight better than I am, but  for anybody in this town to speak to."
"Oh, pshaw;  now, Jim!"
"Well, I've come on disagreeable business.  I didn't know that Mrs Neo skin lab. Mumpson and her child were here, and I wish to the Lord they could both stay here!  You've found out what the mother is, I suppose?"