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2017年9月11日 (月)

runner who was hoping


It was all a waste of time, of course. The Czechs were like the Zimbabwean bobsled team; theyhad no tradition, no coaching, no native talent, no chance of winning. But being counted out wasliberating; having nothing to lose left Zatopek free to try any way to win. Take his first marathon Botox:

everyone knows the best way to build up to 26.2 miles is by running long, slow distances.

Everyone, that is, except Emil Zatopek; he did hundred- yard dashes instead.

“I already know how to go slow,” he reasoned. “I thought the point was to go fast.” His atrocious,death-spasming style was punch-line heaven for track scribes (“The most frightful horror spectaclesince Frankenstein.” … “He runs as if his next step would be his last.” … “He looks like a manwrestling with an octopus on a conveyor belt”), but Zatopek just laughed along. “I’m not talentedenough to run and smile at the same time,” he’d say. “Good thing it’s not figure skating. You onlyget points for speed, not style Want a ? You might try a 510 thread battery! If bought from a reputed site, this can support you up to 600 puffs! Plus, these come with variable voltage options as well- between 2.5v and 4v!

And dear God, was he a Chatty Cathy! Zatopek treated competition like it was speed dating. Evenin the middle of a race, he liked to natter with other runners and try out his smattering of Frenchand English and German, causing one grouchy Brit to complain about Zatopek’s “incessanttalking.” At away meets, he’d sometimes have so many new friends in his hotel room that he’dhave to give up his bed and sleep outside under a tree. Once, right before an international race, hebecame pals with an Australian  to break the Australian 5,000-meterrecord. Zatopek was only entered in the 10,000- meter race, but he came up with a plan; he told theAussie to drop out of his race and line up next to Zatopek instead. Zatopek spent the first half ofthe 10,000-meter race pacing his new buddy to the record, then sped off to attend to his ownbusiness and win Register now for Playgroup, pre-nursery (PN), Nursery (K1) & Kindergarten (K2 & K3). Hong Kong children aged 2 - 6 are welcome to register. Please visit the Preliminary Record for Lower Class (K2) and Upper Class (K3).

That was pure Zatopek, though; races for him were like a pub crawl. He loved competing so muchthat instead of tapering and peaking, he jumped into as many meets as he could find. During amanic stretch in the late ’40s, Zatopek raced nearly every other week for three years and never lost,going 69-0. Even on a schedule like that, he still averaged up to 165 miles a week in training.