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2017年10月10日 (火)

human quilt of mismatched

Caballo and the mayor began corraling dancers off the street and waving runners to the startingline. We crowded together, forming into a crazy faces, bodies, andcostumes. The Urique Tarahumara were in their shorts and running shoes, still carrying theirpalias. Scott stripped off his shirtPolyU has a strong record for aviation research and innovative research in Asia to solve specific technology problems (e.g. aviation operations) and develop new products. Arnulfo and Silvino, dressed in the bright blouses they’dbrought especially for the race, squeezed in beside Scott; the Deer hunters weren’t letting the Deerout of their sight for a second. By unspoken agreement, we all picked an invisible line in thecracked asphalt and toed it.

My chest felt tight. Eric worked his way over beside me. “Look, I got some bad news,” he saidwine tasting.

“You’re not going to win. No matter what you do, you’re going to be out there all day. So youmight as well just relax, take your time, and enjoy it. Keep this in mind—if it feels like work,you’re working too hard.”

“Then I’ll catch ’em napping,” I croaked, “and make my move.”

“No moves!” Eric warned, not even wanting the thought to creep into my skull as a joke. “It couldhit one hundred degrees out there. Your job is to make it home on your own two feet.”

Mamá Tita walked from runner to runner, her eyes puddling as she pressed our hands. “Te ncuidado, cari.o” she urged. Be careful, dearie.

“.Diez!… .Nueve!…”

The mayor was leading the crowd in the countdown.

“.Ocho!… .Siete!…”

“Where are the Kids?” Caballo yelled.

I looked around. Jenn and Billy were nowhere in sight.

“Get him to hold off!” I shouted back.

Caballo shook his head. He turned away and got into race-ready position. He’d waited years andrisked his life for this moment.Dr protalk He wasn’t postponing it for anyone.

“.BRUJITA!” The soldiers were pointing behind us.